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Faith Logistics is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt community based charity located in Turlock, California and funded by the donations of individuals, businesses, organizations and churches. All donations are tax-deductible under federal and California law.
Mission Statement
Faith Logistics is dedicated to providing the knowledge and skills necessary for ex-inmates to obtain a commercial drivers license and to assist with job placement as a way to reduce recidivism and the financial burden incarceration has on taxpayers while sharing the love that God has for His people.
Vision Statement
Faith Logistics' vision is to create a self sustaining organization that can be replicated in other communities to assist those who want to make positive changes in their lives through the love of Jesus Christ.

Dave Dein

A graduate of C.S.U. Stanislaus where he earned a degree in business administration, Mr. Dein quickly saw the need for positive role models for America's youth and pursued a career in education. As an elementary school teacher for eight years, Mr. Dein saw first hand the negative impact on children when a parent is incarcerated and the need to put positive role models back into the family as the only viable way to control this generational cyclical effect. In addition to his background in business and education, Mr. Dein has commercial truck driving experience that spans almost two decades. Mr. Dein's love for the Lord has led him to use his spiritual gifts to serve God and create opportunities for others to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Edward Killian
Mr. Killian brings an extensive and varied background to the Faith Logistics team. Educated in real estate law, Mr. Killian went onto be an entrepreneur successfully starting and managing a flourishing specialty online company. He has established himself as an expert in developing brand identity through multiple marketing channels. His devotion to the Lord has led him to take on leadership roles in several churches as a youth program leader and coordinator and is excited to share his love with others.

Robert DeSanto

Mr. DeSanto currently works as a detailer for a building manufacturing company. He has been in this industry for over fifteen years, and brings a strong work ethic and technical background to Faith Logistics. He has experience in customer service, managing and ascertaining customer goals to coincide with project demands. Launching a successful career after graduating from a technical school, and coming to know Jesus Christ later in his adult life, Robert easily identifies with the goals of Faith Logistics. Serving on the Board with Faith Logistics allows him to bring his love for Christ and desire to serve others together in a way that benefits our local community and the participants of the program.
Upon graduating from college with a degree in business administration and a craving to niche out my piece in the fast paced world of business, I soon found those dreams derailed through the conversation of a little seven-year old boy.
It was at a gathering at a friend's house where I first met this boy. As this outdoor activity progressed, this boy and I began throwing a football back and forth to each other. Having no real experience with children, I asked him the same question that was asked to me a thousand times as I was growing up, "So what do you want to be when you grow up?" I was expecting the standard response of a baseball player, doctor, or cowboy. But the words that came through his tiny, little lips shocked and devastated me. He said, "When I grow up, I want to go to prison like Mike Tyson and get buff (large muscles)." I remember standing there in shock, not knowing how to respond. I later found out that the reason the boy had a life mission to go to prison was because his father was incarcerated. I remember going home that day with an aching heart and disturbed by how something like this effects children.

Immediately after meeting that little boy, I knew that I had a responsibility to be a positive role model to children, but I was not sure how to do it. Luckily, God already had a plan for me. It was through Him that He brought people into my life that gave me opportunities to become involved in the public school system. After substitute teaching for one year in elementary schools, I found the internal rewards of teaching far outweighed the monetary rewards I had hoped for upon graduating from college. In the eight years I taught elementary school, I was constantly reminded of my purpose for being a teacher. It is a powerful experience when one sees the transformation of someone going from a heart filled with despair to one that is empowered and filled with hope.

My life, I thought, was on the perfect course. I had a beautiful wife, an adorable baby boy and complacency. In April of 2006, my life would take an abrupt change once again. I found myself to be suffering from an on-going illness that included severe fatigue, dizziness, and headaches. Over the course of ten weeks I saw multiple doctors, each unable to come up with a diagnosis of why I was feeling so sick. Finally, I saw a doctor who looked at me square in the eyes and said that I had the symptoms of a brain tumor and I needed to have a CT scan of my brain. I had the scan that day and went home to wait the two days for the results. That night I went to bed and as I laid there wide awake, I had a vision. The vision was that I saw myself die and go to heaven. I need to clarify that what I experienced that night was not a dream. As I laid there it was almost as though I could see my spirit rise to the heavens. In this vision I saw myself stand before God, being this ultimate power. I instantly knew it was Him. As I stood there, he asked me one question in a commanding voice, "How have you served Me?" My only response was to just stand there. I couldn't verbally respond because I knew in my heart that anything that left my lips would have been a lie because my life had been about serving myself and not serving God. The time I spent before God seemed like an eternity, and as the time passed the more scared I became.

That fear filled me again as I awoke the next morning. I remembered all the times I sat in church with a pastor preaching about how each of us has special spiritual gifts we need to use to serve the Lord, and all the times I justified how my gifts could never be used by God. This morning was different as in a spilt second I knew exactly how I needed to serve God. I was going to combine my ability to bring hope into peoples' lives, the desire to teach others, along with the life long passion I have for big rig trucks. I was called to work with those who have been broken and to empower them with the skills of driving a truck so that they could become the positive role models in their families. Even though I was still physically sick, I had this burst of mental energy and went to work planning this mission. The first thing I did was to find a couple of For Sale signs to place on my pickup truck. I decided to sell my beloved 4x4 truck in order to help finance this ministry. I realized then that I loved the Lord more than I could ever love that truck.

My plan was to use the money from the sale of the truck to buy a commercial truck that I would use on weekends. When I had time off from school, I would teach ex-inmates how to drive a truck and help them obtain their commercial drivers license. God's plan was a little different. Yes, the sale of truck went fairly quick, and I was quite proud to be walking up to the bank door with a pocket full of cash. As I approached the bank door a large, muscular, Hispanic man kept staring at me. It wasn't that he was looking at me that caught my attention, but it was how he was looking at me that made me feel uncomfortable. As I looked at him again, I could see his body covered with tattoos. Now we are standing face to face in front of the back door as he asks, "Do I know you?" It turns out I drove trucks with this man twelve years ago when I was paying my way through college. When I asked him what he had been up to, he told me that he had been in prison for a couple of years. He also went on to tell me that while in prison, he was led to the Lord and his whole life changed because of it. I went on to tell him about my illness and how I was called by the Lord to start this ministry. He became excited about what we were doing and pledged his support in helping us. This man who originally I felt as a threat was actually my brother in Jesus Christ and the missing link in showing men who do not know the Lord the power He has to change lives. I knew then that this was not a chance meeting but the first of many encounters in which God uses His power in bringing people together for a common cause to serve Him.

My plan was to use the money from the sale of the truck to create a ministry on my own, but God said no. Two weeks after the sale of the truck a freak, late spring rain came and showed us our roof was no longer able to keep the water out. Being patched and tarped for the last year, it was time to re-roof the house to prevent any further structural damage. We actually had the money in the bank to pay for a new roof, but that was the money that was supposed to start the ministry. What did I do? Frustrated, I turned it over to God and I listened to His plan. His plan was not for me to be selfish and do this ministry all on my own, but to bring people together and allow people who struggle with finding their spiritual gifts a place for them to serve the Lord. He also guided me to leave the elementary teaching profession and to focus my time and efforts to those who are hurting and to provide opportunities for people to experience the completeness that comes from accepting Jesus Christ.

Forever changed. This experience has forever changed my life and the relationship I have with God. When I first began this ministry, my focus was on the Devil and all the obstacles he would try to place in front of us to slow us down and prevent us from leading people to the Lord. Then as I watched God bring people into our lives on a daily basis, my focus was no longer on the Devil, but the beauty and grace that God has for His people. If you are still not sure if you are saved, I ask you to accept Jesus Christ into your heart as some day you will stand before God to be judged. For those of you who do have the love of Jesus in your heart and are still not sure what your spiritual gifts are, I ask that you pray and listen to what God has planned for you. I hope this ministry will become the catalyst in inspiring others to reach out and share their faith. As for that mysterious, undiagnosed illness I had, it eventually went away. It seems that God has unique ways of capturing ones attention when He wants His work done.

God Bless,
Dave Dein, Founder, Faith Logistics

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